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Psychic Readings by Ronn: November 2016
Do you believe in the power of cosmic energy?

Do you think someone is trying to speak to you?

Do you need a little help communicating with this energy?

Psychic Readings by Ronn is here to help.

Ronn is the primary psychic medium at Psychic Readings by Ronn. Psychic Ronn uses his gifts channel the exciting road ahead of you!

Ronn's has appeared on multiple National TV and Radio (PBS and CBS for example), such as his appearance as one of the only psychics to appear on The Dead Files on The Travel Channel. This work has worked to bring him a trustworthy and happy clientele. These include three Academy Award winning Actresses, a supermodel, a country music star and many others. 

His psychic career spans nearly forty years. Ronn knows how to look into your future. He communicates effectively and speaks to details on the opportunities that you may soon encounter. 

Ronn is available for you. Readings are provided over the phone and in-person for those in the Birmingham and Detroit Metro area. He also serves the Chicago area. 

In addition to clairvoyance and clairaudience, Ronn's skills include past life regression, psychometry (the ability to gain knowledge from objects) and working with your angel guides.

If you are looking for guidance in regards to your past, present, and future, be sure to give Psychic Readings by Ronn a call.

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How Your Zodiac Sign Affects Your Social Media Habits

by Ron Sussberg on 08/21/17

Do you find yourself amused or annoyed by your friends' online comments? Have you ever wondered whether one's zodiac sign determines how they present themselves on social medias? Read below to find out more!


Natives of the first sign of the zodiac are hot-headed! They are the first to re-post viral videos, comment without considering others' feelings, sometimes vain; eagerly collecting a large crowd of followers as their loyal admirers.


Earthy and luxurious, they love arts and beauty: expect to see them posting creative, visually appealing content! On the other hand, they play it safe and not share their innermost feelings with all their acquaintances.


No one flaunts a perfect and flawless-looking life like an airy Gemini! They like to show off their wide range of interests and love to be at the heart of the party. Glamorous, talkative, and extroverted; they don't miss any chance to be seen and heard.


Sensitive and emotional Cancer is an enigma: sweet and gentle posts one day, a self-defeating attitude the next! They may even go hiding for extended periods of time until their moods stabilize and they sort their feelings out.


Meet the King of social media, always demanding attention. They want to seem perfect and won't notice you unless your profile is stunning and radiant. They flirt online, but their enormous hearts prevent them from causing any real harm.


Practical Virgo won't waste time with endless comments and cute posts; they are straightforward, only sharing useful and hands-on ideas. They will never put their innermost feelings on public display.


Caring and well-balanced, Libra goes to a great distance to avoid offending others, even by escaping social medias altogether. When they remain, they act as peacemakers, challenging others intellectually to keep their news feed free of drama.


Sensitive and cautious, Scorpios hide their feelings behind flirty or funny posts, only trusting a select few. Handle them with care: when experiencing being hurt online, they sting you back publicly and mercilessly!


Humorous and straightforward, Sagittarius natives post endless funny photos and comments, not worrying about showing off who they are and often appearing blunt to others. It's not intentional; their primary purpose is to entertain and have a good time!


Capricorn natives are diligent, hardworking, and quiet; eager to bring value only to one's news feed. If there's nothing worthy to say, they remain reserved, presenting a prim and proper profile, regardless of what's happening in their real lives.


Highly intelligent and witty, they like to showcase their passions, secretly enjoying to shock others! They are rebels; expect them to share revolutionary and mind-bending material, hoping that they find like-minded warriors to change the world with!


Sensitive and loving, they're full of genuine care and advocating for the less fortunate! Don't openly disagree with them, though: they will slip away and distance themselves from you permanently. They thrive on positive posts only and will avoid controversies at all costs.